Remember... you are needed and deserve to be free.

This 8-week journey is for people who are ready to take a stand for themselves, their lives, and their well-being. It involves deep commitment to what your soul is desiring by attuning to your personal power and freedom of expression. 

Your patterns of behavior are an expression of something much deeper. So deep that it’s held in your nervous system and energy body as unresolved trauma. When you experience unresolved trauma, you fall into patterns… many of which you’ve been playing out for years. Some are inherited from your lineage, and some are a product of what you’ve gone through. 

And guess what? Everyone has trauma… Every. Single. Solitary. Living. Thing.  

True freedom and fulfillment is possible when you choose to live in sweet surrender. In this journey, you will learn to:

  • Transform your perception around your trauma from fear to love.

  • Cultivate a profound relationship with your innate wisdom to move from external validation to internal trust and sovereignty.

  • Feel whole and complete exactly as you are.

  • Live a life you deserve and love that is in full alignment with who you are.

YOU deserve infinite possibility, and it is yours! I am here to help you remember…

Your existence on this earth matters. You are needed. Your community needs you. I need you.
Your emotions are valid. You deserve to feel and express them.
Your purpose is to be who you are always in all ways. 
Your love for yourself is profound and beautiful. You are loved. You belong. 
Your voice is needed. You are inspiring. You are heard. I am listening.
Your vision for what’s possible in your life and this planet is a reality that we all need and crave to experience. 
Your beliefs and connection to your spirituality are valued, appreciated, and needed for everyone in this world to continue to evolve, progress and allow themselves to blossom. 

There are a number of ways you will work it out and break free from old patterns. This is our work together:

  • Movement. Literally move stagnant energy in your body.

  • Feel. Your body, your emotions, all your senses. Get primal to get real.

  • Breathwork. Breathe all the stagnant air out and into spaces that are constricted.

  • Connection. With yourself, your body, and those closest to you. There is power, transformation, and healing in your vulnerability.

  • Mantra. Sing to awaken stagnant energy in your throat.

  • Expression. Express yourself through words, movement, and creativity to invite new energy in.

  • Meditation. Surrender in sweet stillness and develop a different dialogue with yourself.

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