Shadow & Light: Light Your Future Mala

Shadow & Light: Light Your Future Mala


This mala activates and balances all upper chakras - throat, brow, and crown. These upper chakras are more in line with the future and the unknown; the realm of intangible - expression, sight, and thought; and involves a more uplifting energy. Too much stimulation of energy in these chakras can cause anxiety, stress, dissociation from the physical body, weak will, instability, insecurity, and a sense of uneasiness with the world; while not enough stimulation of energy in these chakras can cause depression, fear of change, overindulgence, heavy emotion, feelings of stagnation and being stuck, and a dominant will. This mala incorporates stones that support you in getting grounded with feelings of security, safety, confidence and ease in yourself and the physical world; it eases the overstimulation of energy in your upper chakras.


tranquility. awareness. wisdom. release attachments from old emotional pain from this life or past lives. quiet the critical mind and draw compassion, peace, and relaxation. calm difficult communications and ease confrontations. heighten creativity and expand self expression.

promotes calm, balance, and peace. relieves anxiety and fear. supports in relaxing the busy mind. brings understanding and peace in challenging situations and circumstances.

harmony and balance. enhances loving communication. empowers you to discover your own truth and integrity. live in a space without fear of judgement or confrontation. freedom to express your thoughts and feelings. supports in setting strong and clear boundaries.

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