illuminate your essence

a 3-month alchemical journey TO lovingly let go of what’s not yours and fully embody your purpose, power & wisdom


Are you holding the intensity of the world in your body?

You easily pick up on the emotions and traumas of others and sometimes even begin to take on those emotions as your own.

You are responsible and reliable, even when it means sacrificing your own desires.

You are the one that the people you love most... and oftentimes even strangers... open up to with their innermost secrets.

And while it's in your nature to be of service and show up for others... you find yourself feeling anxious, drained, depressed, and not enough.

As a natural nurturer you are deeply impacted by the experiences of others and as a result can end up storing the intensity of the world in your body.

Illuminate Your Essence will help you connect with your authentic self through your intuitive and sensual brilliance and provide you with the space you need to create nurturing rituals that sustain your freedom, fulfillment, and vitality in your life.

i believe…

You are capable of harmonizing the vessel of brilliance and safety you are for others to openly share their heartache and trauma with having strong, loving boundaries to energetically discern what is yours and what is not.

You deserve magical moments of tending to you because the wisdom, empathy, and love you share with others are a necessary source for you to heal and remember your beauty and brilliance.

You do not deserve to be bound by your empathy, and your desires deserve to be nurtured and manifested.

Your voice is necessary.
Not only for nurturing others…
For you to express your deepest desires & dreams.
For you to ignite the presence of your essence.
For you to feel freedom in your body, heart, and soul.

When you are supported and held by someone else and embrace past trauma as sources of wisdom, it opens you up to receiving the medicine you need for your own transformation & growth.

You are needed in this world.
You are an inspiration.
The wisdom others seek in you is the sacred medicine you need to heal.

It all begins with you…

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Together we unwind all that holds you back from feeling freedom and fulfillment physically, emotionally, and spiritually. This frees you up to attune to your intuitive brilliance, embrace your emotional wisdom, and awaken to the yearning of your soul essence.

what’s included:

Virtual Retreat Day
To commence your magical journey and appropriately nurture the seeds you will sew and grow, we’ll orient and ground for a 3-hour deep dive into your envisioned life. We’ll set the structure and foundation around your future vision to create the safe and stable boundaries necessary for you to authentically connect to your body, emotions + intuitive essence. We’ll use your astrological chart + current phases of the moon to navigate your plan and harmonize these boundaries with your desired flow.

Private Coaching Calls
Every 2 weeks, we gather for a 1 hour coaching call that incorporates intuitive energy work as a catalyst for clearing foreign energy, healing trauma, and growing your seeds. You have the space to share what you desire to direct your energy towards in order to balance the structure we set on your retreat day with the unpredictable flow of life. As you shift so does the flow of your energy. Things become more clear and certain. These sessions are designed to recalibrate with your true essence so that you make empowered decisions and instill a strong sense of autonomy + purpose.

Moon Meditation + Movement Rituals
Creating a devotional relationship to your health + well-being is an integral part of expanding self-love + self-worth. Each new moon you’ll receive tools to craft meditation + movement rituals that resonate with your rhythm and the moon phases. This will allow your boundaries to be appropriately fluid as you move through the unpredictable energies of the world.

Email Support
Being in a space of inquiry is exactly where you need to be. This alchemical journey is one of profound learning, sacred remembrance, and deep shedding. There may be moments where you need support between our virtual gatherings. Because of this, I am available to you via email whenever anything comes up.

full program includes:

*One 3-hour virtual retreat day
*Six 1-hour private coaching calls
*Moon meditation + movement rituals for 3 lunar cycles
*Unlimited email support

I'm accepting new clients! If you're interested in this program, schedule a 20-minute discovery call.