NEW MOON in LEO begins 7/31 @ 11:12pm ET!⁠ ⁠

LEO is the sign of creativity, pleasure, fun/joy, children, sex for fun/pleasure, drama, and self-expression.

During this new moon, there's a planetary collaboration that is pushing us to innovate our relationship to pleasure, fun, partnership, and love:

  • Venus - the planet of love, finance, partnership, and beauty - conjuncts the moon and sun

  • Venus, moon and sun are square Uranus - the planet of innovation, breaking down systems and restructuring them, the future, and vision - in Taurus, the sign of self-worth, finance, and personal resources

  • Venus, moon and sun are also receiving sextile support from Jupiter - the planet of expansion, luck, and abundance - in its home sign Sagittarius, the sign of travel, global communication, and wisdom

While there is some tension between Uranus and the Sun, Moon + Venus, this is an opportunity to innovate the dynamic between our personal resources, self-worth, finances and joy, fun, creativity, pleasure, partnerships, finances, beauty, love. ⁠This innovation asks us to think outside of the box.

I invite you to reflect on some questions:

  • How do you currently relate to finances, self worth and personal resources?

  • How are you inviting the people closest to you into your LEO essence?

  • How are you cultivating this LEO energy to be accessible, present and available for you?

  • How can the time you spend and manage finances be fun and pleasurable (big one for many of us!)?

  • How about the way you tend to your beauty both inside and out - would you allow this to be shared with someone you love and adore?⁠

  • What are some perspectives or ways of being that are currently NOT obvious to you around finances, joy, love, beauty, partnership?

  • What are you doing to invite new and forward thinking energy into your relationships with finances, joy, love, beauty, partnership?

⁠Whenever we are nudged to look at how we can shift a way of being, there is tension. If you experience this, I invite you to observe the resistance and discomfort while leaning into it. Keep in mind that there is magical support from Jupiter, who lovingly sparks luck, expansion, and abundance to whomever it's in communication with. ⁠

Set your new moon intentions around these themes and do it in the creative/fun/joyful spirit of LEO with an (or multiple!) intimate friend/s or partner/s that you love and feel safe with.⁠

How To Set New Moon Intentions

There are a variety of ways to set intentions. This is my personal way, and I invite you to explore this and see if it resonates with you.

  1. In your journal, answer the questions above.

  2. Review your answers and write out what observances and connections you’ve made. Notice if there’s a theme emerging.

  3. Make a statement out of this theme that is centered around how you want to feel internally.

  4. Make a list of things in your life that bring that emotion out in you. Make another list of things in your life that hinder that emotion.

  5. What are ways you can incorporate more of the things that bring that emotion out in you?