FULL MOON IN AQUARIUS is Thursday, AUGUST 15TH @ 8:29AM Eastern Time

Polarities are an energy that I enjoy playing in! We sometimes teeter over to one side of the polarity - the one that we’re most familiar and comfortable in and are challenged with learning the wisdom and magic of the other. This is why astrology is something I’m so attracted to. There are 6 polarities in the zodiac - each representing the different sides of the same leaf.

This past new moon in Leo reminded us of what it’s like to connect with joy, self-expression, pleasure, sex, and creativity from a place of ME or I. While the energy of the full moon in Aquarius is pulling us towards the way in which we interact with, show up to, and give of ourselves to the collective.

This polarity as we’re experiencing it this lunar cycle shows us that it’s possible to find harmony between the two:

  1. What we offer and give to humanity, get real about the harsh realities of the current state of the world, and envision/innovate/restructure the current collective systems for all of us to feel safe, supported, loved, and held by the world and each other can be harmonized with…

  2. Our sense of ME / I, our relationship to and experience of pleasure, fun, and joy… Because in order for us to do the work to heal the world, we need to remember that we’re striving for collective joy, fun, pleasure… that with innovation, healing, and liberating ourselves the goal is for everyone to experience joy, creativity, and fun! And we need to model the way as change-makers, innovators, and pleasure activists (read Adrienne Marie Brown’s Pleasure Activism).

This Aquarian full moon is in opposition to Venus (feminine) and Mars (masculine), which are conjunct in Leo. Venus represents beauty, love, finances, partnership, sensuality, and balance, while Mars represents sexuality, passion, action, aggression, and force. Both of these planets are a polarity of each other.

An opposition can be looked at as something that is challenging yet also something that has information we need to learn about, while conjunct is a supportive aspect.

Feminine and masculine as gender (Venus + Mars) are in this harmonizing state as they support each other in what it’s like to experience pleasure, sex, self-expression, creativity, and fun as one… AND because they are conjunct and opposing full moon in Aquarius there is this way in which the world is being challenged to shift not only their perception but EMOTION around gender as binary.

Many of us have been on the journey of exploring what gender means. This full moon is inviting us to explore that from a humanitarian and emotional perspective within ourselves. I invite you to ask yourself:

  • In what ways to you relate to your gender/non-gender?

  • How do you feel about the way in which you identify?

  • What are your personal beliefs around gender/non-gender?

  • How does this impact the way in which you relate to other folk’s identity?

  • How are you cultivating pleasure, fun, excitement, self-expression and creativity with your own sexual organs and the way you relate to them? Solo, with a partner, etc.

  • What is being recognized or challenged with your relationship to gender?

  • What emotions around gender do you have?

For this full moon, I invite you to sit with these questions and reflect and innovate any ritual that you have in place (if you have one). If you don’t have a full moon ritual, I invite you to create one - make one up! Follow your instincts. There is not right or wrong way. Allow the presence of innovation + creativity to flow through you!