Social Justice & Trauma Informed. Accessible for All!
Presented by Shadow & Light Yoga Miami
Little Haiti, Miami, FL - February thru April 2019


The Shadow & Light Miami Yoga Teacher Certification surpasses the minimal requirements of 200 hours for foundational teacher training. Our Social Justice & Trauma Informed training program is for those seeking healing and enrichment of their personal practice, for yoga students and teachers, for community change-makers, social justice activists and allies, social workers, mental health professionals and advocates, and anyone engaged or interested in personal, community, or social wellness and transformation.


  • Teaching techniques, training & practice

  • Teaching methodology for the yogi activist

  • Anatomy & physiology

  • Brave space v. safe space

  • Yoga philosophy & social justice

  • Trauma in the mind-body system

  • Oppression, privilege & power

  • Self-care for the yogi activist

  • Yoga as activism

  • Karma project that you will work on throughout the training in your community

“Expect to go deep, be fully engaged, challenged and inspired, and to cultivate confidence in your ability to express, teach, hold space, and be an empowered leader in your community.”

- Alex Cordovi, Founder Shadow & Light Yoga Miami


We value dignity and respect for all beings regardless of race, socio-economic circumstance, ethnicity, religion, ability, sexual orientation, gender, or age. We aim to embody accessibility and inclusivity and provide safe space for all, bearing in mind that each person is entitled to their own valid definition and boundaries for personal safety.  Our yoga/healing is rooted in and in solidarity with intersectional social justice, dismantling patriarchy, and liberation from systemic, institutional, and cultural racism and oppression.  

We believe in healing one’s own trauma to support others in healing themselves. We believe in cultivating a profound connection to the body, mind and heart in compassionate, intuitive, and well-informed ways, to feel empowered with resources that are supportive in standing strong in the ability to teach from a place of love. We seek to hold space from a place of empathy; and inspire from one’s own authenticity and truth. We strive to teach confidence in our student’s ability to express, teach, hold space, and be empowered leaders in their community; self regulation tools to embody and learn to teach to others; how to feel into the moment and meet people where they are to be effective, kind and curious facilitators for their students and communities. We believe that healing the connection with our own bodies is at the core of the social and environmental justice revolution we demand.


(She/Her/Hers) Founder Shadow & Light Yoga Miami, RYT-500, YACEP Throughout her 17-year yoga journey, Alex identified a direct link between trauma healing and yogic philosophy and began teaching in 2014. She specializes in trauma informed yoga and merges embodied yoga practice with social and environmental justice work. From this lens, she is able to meet students with compassion and curiosity and normalize sensitivities and discomfort so they can move through what they need to at their own pace.

(She/Her/Hers and They/Them/Theirs) Queer Cuban-American from South Florida, Food Justice Activist, Permaculturist, Holistic Wellness Chef/Consultant, Founder/Owner Brooklyn NY Organic Restaurant/Venue "Cubana Social" 2010-16, Leader of Cultural/Mindfulness/Ancestry/Social Justice Retreats, Natural Burial Advocate, Artist & Musician. Lover of Wilderness & Diversity! PDC MesoAmerican Institute, Guatemala; Soul Fire Farm BLFI Alumna

Heather Burdick (She/Her/Hers) facilitates community conversations around difficult topics and directs youth leadership and diversity trainings, as well as programs that use storytelling as a tool for social change. She is a restorative justice practitioner and champion for equality, empowerment, and self-expression. Amplifying the voices of youth and supporting young leaders is at the heart of her work. She co-directs Miami Girls Rock Camp, chairs the Juvenile Justice Committee of the Miami ACLU, works in partnership with South Florida People of Color and, in a former life, co-founded the first all-girl roller derby. 

Melissa Carter (She/Her/Hers) is the founder of Ignite With Melissa. She is a Transformational Life Coach, Intuitive Guide, Kundalini Reiki Master focusing on intuitive intelligence, empathic leadership and pattern disruption methods for self healing and personal empowerment. Melissa facilities online group programs, in-person talks and workshops, one-on-one mentorship. and serves as a mindfulness consultant for corporate companies and colleges looking to implement innovative mindful structures and added value programs into their company cultures.  Her mission is to empower individuals to wholeheartedly share their unique gifts and talents so they may more effectively serve the collective healing of their communities and, ultimately, the world.

Shanté Haymore-Kearney (She/Her/Hers) is a champion for personal empowerment and wellness of the mind, body, and soul. She shares her knowledge of spiritual and transformational work with the people she serves by creating experiences that inspire people to disconnect from life's stress and drama and connect to their light and peace! Shante' is known for her 'Manifest Your Life' Vision Board Workshops. As a Manifestation Coach, she leads and guides people to get clear on their authentic desires and boldly manifest their lives.  Shante' believes that living with intention is a necessity to fulfillment and has facilitated these workshops everywhere including a women and children's transition shelter, national non-profits, private sessions, and the general public. In her professional career off-of-the-mat, Shante' works as an Education & Outreach Specialist for Kristi House Child Advocacy Center, a South Florida non-profit fighting to eradicate child sexual abuse and human trafficking. Through it all, Shante' continues to strive for balance while creating a purposeful life filled with gratitude and loves spending time with her husband, Derek, and 3 year-old son, Evan.

(She/Her/Hers) Growing up American-Cuban, Jess realized how labels caused separation not only in the home but out in the world. At a young age she realized how different her cultures were and how torn she felt being pressured by society to choose one ethnicity. Little did she know this outward separation caused great separation within herself at a young age. Through years of trauma from parents divorce, sexual abuse, addictions and eating disorders, she found yoga. Yoga has opened up her awareness through the understanding of these traumas and sparked the healing process through movement, breath and love. She became so moved by the practice that she became a Registered Yoga Teacher to share her gifts, the tools and resources that have supported her in healing trauma and separation. She is forever grateful to this awakening and bravely continues on the journey inward. She pays it forward in living a mindful and socially responsible lifestyle which she shares on her blog, social media, in yoga classes, workshops etc. She now serves the community through spiritual activism as a teacher, creator, and healer of the individual as a whole. 


Trauma-informed yoga - seeks to create safe/brave space for yoga students to cultivate self-awareness and self-regulation practices to understand trauma and its impact on the entire mind-body system. This is done through specific alignment cues in each pose, breathwork, and meditation techniques that the student always has the choice to participate in or not.

Through practicing and teaching through the trauma informed yoga lens, I’ve come to believe that patterns of behavior can be an expression of something much deeper. So deep that it’s held in the nervous system and energy body as unresolved trauma. When unresolved trauma is experienced, patterns develop… many of which play out for years. Some are inherited through lineage and culture, others instilled through society, and others a product of life experience, what you’ve gone through.

I’ve found that Yoga is one of the most effective ways to support the processing of trauma. Through this practice, I’ve seen how students are able to create space for stagnant energy to move, in order to acknowledge, process, and transform in a way that instills love, empathy, and freedom. As a yoga teacher, I feel it’s necessary to understand how trauma is stored in the body and how movement supports the processing of trauma so that I can cultivate a brave space for my students.

When I provide a space for my students to get real about what’s going on inside, I am stepping more fully into the role of spiritual activism and social justice. AND in order to ask my students to embody these experiences for processing their own trauma, I need to be doing the work too! I practice what I teach and I teach what I practice.




  • Welcome Dinner & Opening Celebration: February 14th

  • Week 1: February 16 and 17

  • Week 2: February 21, 23 and 24

  • Week 3: February 28; March 2 and 3

  • Week 4: March 7, 9 and 10

  • Week 5: March 14, 16, and 17

  • Week 6: March 21, 23, and 24

  • Week 7: March 28, 30, and 31

  • Week 8: April 4, 6 and 7

  • Week 9: April 11, 13 and 14

  • Week 10: April 18, 20 and 21

  • Week 11: April 25, 27 and 28

  • Graduation Celebration: April 30th


Thursdays: 6:30pm-9:30pm
Saturdays: 12pm-6pm
Sundays: 1pm-6pm


As previously mentioned, scholarships, sliding scale, & payment plans are available. Our aim is to make this yoga teacher certification accessible to EVERYONE. Don’t let cost stop you from applying!


Receive $500 scholarship: $2,285
Sustainer option: $2,785
Give $500 scholarship: $3,185
Apply for a different amount